Snail Culture mobile library

At the entrance of Ciyou Temple sits a lorry painted with brightly colored snail murals; this is Songshan Community College’s multicultural mobile mini-library, which together with its eye-catching snail murals, has toured every nook and cranny of the area.

Reading is considered to be the soul of education and inextricably linked with lifelong learning. What's more, the competitiveness of a city has a lot to do with the public’s level of knowledge; therefore, Songshan Community College feels the long-term promotion of “reading” is of paramount importance. Songshan Community College utilizes all kinds of festivals to quietly go about promoting reading habits in the community. Through the mobile library and Songshan branch of Taipei Public Library, books are being made available to develop better reading habits in people, especially children. It hopes that through such reading activities, social trends can be reversed and a culture of reading reestablished in Taiwan.



阅读是教育的灵魂,跟终身学习是连在一块密不可分。一个城市的竞争力与市民的知识水準有很大的关係,因此松山社大长期推广"阅读"是有其必要性的。松山社大运用各种节庆活动默默地持续推广社区的阅读风气,结合行动图书馆及市立图书馆松山区分馆之藏书,让市民尤其是儿童,随手养成阅读的好习惯,希望透过这「阅读.悦读」的活动,能重新建立起 一个充满书香的社会文化。

Snail Culture mobile library