Reemergence of Tsou tribal bow

The traditional domain of the Tsou tribe originally covered Tashan, Yushan and Alishan mountain area. In the past, Tsou warriors were renowned for their skill in using local materials to make bows and arrows. Over the years, however, hunting tools have undergone a massive transformation, and now this 100-year tradition is on the verge of being lost forever.

In the hope of preserving this traditional skill of the Tsou people, the Aboriginal Tribe Community College recently put together a course in bow and arrow making in Chashan Village. Course instructor Wang Qi-sheng (汪启圣) said that in traditional Tsou bow making, local bamboo and wood are both used to make the bows, although the use of bamboo is more common; arrows are made from “arrow bamboo,” from the Fargesia genus. He added that with little interest towards this art from the younger generation, without a positive initiative to provide classes, there is a real danger of losing the art forever. In addition to reviving this dying art, the courses also teach a whole host of other wilderness survival skills. 

Reemergence of Tsou tribal bow 

邹弓再现 影音

Reemergence of Tsou tribal bow邹族传统领域,涵盖塔山、玉山、大阿里山区一带,数百年前,邹族勇士就地取材自製弓箭,但是随着时代变迁,狩猎弓具也随着改变,百年前的弓箭做法几近失传。最近,部落社区大学,率先在茶山部落开设弓箭製作课程,希望保存传统工艺。课程讲师汪启圣指出,传统邹族弓箭的製作,都是就地取材的竹材与木材,弓的部分,一般以竹材为多,箭的部分则以箭竹为主要材料,汪启圣说,年轻一代对于弓箭的製作已经兴趣缺缺,再不开课延续,的确有失传的可能性。课程的开设,除了要找回传统工艺的生命,对于很多野外求生技巧,也都编入课程範围。